What is Page One?

Page One has been created to answer definitively for London that ever-recurring question, “Where shall we go to eat?”

Today’s information overload makes that decision even more difficult. In a spectacularly volatile market, restaurant guides are immediately out-of-date and guidance on-line is often biased or crackers. People often tend to fall into a rut of returning to the same places and hesitating to explore. Visitors to London are flummoxed.

In the opinion of the founders of Page One and their panel of restaurant experts, there are only 100 restaurants in London you need to know about at any one time.

The Page One website has 100 recommendations uncluttered by advertising or other diversions. It offers its members speedy, elegant access to privileged information.

Restaurants are divided into ten categories that range from type of cooking to the more idiosyncratic such as Just For the Food, See and Be Seen and, crucially, What’s New. They have been recently visited and assessed by the four partners. Bills are always paid and the restaurants are unaware of the purpose of the meal. The price quoted is for a three-course meal with wine.

All the restaurants included on Page One have been carefully chosen by all four founders. The initials after each entry refer to the founder/expert panelist who has reviewed the selected venue. Reviews include insider advice as to what to order, where to sit, what time of day to visit (lunch or dinner) and who to know. Each category is up-dated monthly apart from What’s New which is amended when a new restaurant launches and is considered worthy of inclusion.

Membership to Page One is £100 per annum.


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